OH, Wow! 75 Degree’s Here!

I haven’t had clothes on since making a run to the Post Office for SWMBO’s batting. It is NICE out there! Of course the Dog and I went for a walk. That was even nicer.


Did spend time in the MILA getting the last of everything taped off in the bathroom and working some on the flooring. Had enough of that by 1430 so I pretty much knocked off for the day to be outside. Tomorrow I’ll finish the flooring by installing the last 2 pieces, put the molding back on, and paper the floor. Will probably paint Thursday. Friday I’ll spend un-taping everything and cleaning the place up and I’ll be through with it. So looking forward to that.


Not much else going on. Now I’m just being lazy. Going to have the left over chicken and taters from dinner last night for dinner tonight so I don’t even really have to cook. I like cold chicken.

And, Again, I forgot to post this last night. Shit.

You can count today a repeat of yesterday with a bit more Sun. Got all the taping done in the MILA; now to clean the dirty spots and paint. Tomorrow and Thursday.


Got “Doctor Who – Dalek Invasion Earth 2150” in from Netflix today. Man, is it stupid! Peter Cushing just didn’t play a convincing Doctor. And nothing like “our” Doctor from the Reboot.

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