Cooler Overcast Thursday. Sux!

I don’t know what’s going on with my blood pressure. Forgot to take my meds yesterday and just a moment ago my BP was 115/74. It’s been in the “normal” ranged for the past few days and I don’t think I’ve done much different than I usually do. Except be extraordinarily lazy, that is. Maybe that’s the secret to lowering your BP; Be Lazy. Hey, maybe I can make a million $ promoting “Doc’s Lazy Way To Lower Your BP Plan!”


Got the bottle of e-juice I ordered. Man! That looks like 3-4 months worth of juice. It’s freakin’ huge! Haven’t tried it yet cause I haven’t needed to refill my vaper but probably will later today.

So I got off my lazy ass and got down in the basement and started putting together my saw table. Getting the saw level with the plywood is proving to be a bit more difficult this time. But it’s getting there and soon I’ll be able to rip a piece of plywood by myself. Got a project in mind…


Straightened up around the house. Made myself some dinner. Went and picked SWMBO up. In other words: The Usual. Just like every other day around here.


Y’all have fun!

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