Full Time Friday. Got Off My Ass.

Finally got off my fat old ass and mowed the “front” yard. Used up only 15 minutes or so. What to do with the rest of my (overcast) day? I know! Spent an hour in the basement getting my table saw set up. It’s all level and working great. Now I can rip a sheet of plywood by myself if I need to.


Then I spent a couple hours building a “proof of concept” can holder for the pantry that I saw online and thought I’d build a small one to see if SWMBO will like it. It looks pretty rough, and there are a few things I’d change, but overall it’s working just fine. Already hanged it on the wall and filled it with Campbell’s Soups for her to take a good look.


Not much else going on. All of the above pretty much took up the day. Sun is in and out. I’m about to go out. Glad it’s supposed to get warmer over the next week. Personally.


Picked SWMBO up. Been watching ancient Sci-Fi on YouTube (Damn they got a lot of OLD sci-fi!) and updating my Netflix que. Time for some popcorn before bed.

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