We Got Some Thunder! And Rain.

Pretty much a normal morning around here. Once I got my coffee into me I noticed that it was really raining outside.


Sun came out so I made a run into town. Stopped on the back-side of Theler Wetlands and took some pictures of the clouds. (Made a bunch of panorama’s if you’re interested.) Was nice to get out of the house for awhile. Took the Dog for a quick walk around the back 40 while it wasn’t raining. Even though it’s been raining pretty good these past few days, the ground isn’t mushy yet. We had a very dry summer this year.


Wow. Tornado in Longview, WA earlier today. (Way South of us.) That is unusual. We had a bit of thunder here but didn’t see any lightning. Set my camera up to maybe catch some but our (crappy damned) neighbor kid was outside banging on something so that’s pretty much all you can hear on the video. (This is the 3rd day in a row for the damned banging. No idea what he’s doing but I wish he’d get them buried and move on.)


And, by golly, that’s pretty much how the rest of my day went until SWMBO got home. Didn’t make an appointment for the Dog to get his final summer haircut and bath but did find out my Social Security started. I’ll stop by and make an appointment for the Dog on my way back from my Doctor’s appointment tomorrow.

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