Guess What Kind Of Day It Was!

Go ahead. Guess.

Got tired of being around the house so I drove in to the Bowling place in Port Orchard to check it out. Busy! It looked like every person over the age of 60 that lives in town was there. League stuff. Turns out the best time for a “loner” is between 1200-1700. So I guess I’ll go back Friday. (Am thinking of going bowling on Mon-Wed-Fri just to get off my fat old ass for awhile.) Costs $3/game though.


Then I got busy straightening up my “send to Kindle” thingie at Amazon and reading my daily e-mail load. It’s getting sunny out so I’m about to head out and do some of the garden stuff. May even take the Dog along (although he gets pretty bored with me working in one place so long).

Annex - Weissmuller, Johnny (Tarzan and His Mate)_13

Took the Dog with me and worked on the garden beds for awhile. Nice and sunny and almost warm. Once I got warmed up though it went a lot better. Got one bed ready for peas. That’s all I’m going to grow this year; cause I like eating peas right off the vine. We’re going to be doing some work in the back yard and will be moving all the planting beds before next winter. Trying to save some of that expensive dirt we bought for the raised beds.


Got nice enough to take all my clothes off and sit in the sun awhile. Supposed to be nicer over the next few days. Hope so. If it really does get above 70 degree’s over the weekend through Tuesday, I won’t be good for doing anything inside the house. We’ll be outside.

MCARC 2-meter Wednesday Evening Chat Net went well. KC7WNJ runs a good Net. I even managed to correctly answer the W7FBI trivia question. (The Titanic.)

And that’s pretty much it for today. Tired.

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