I Got Dinged For A $5 Late Charge On A Bill.

And it’s my own damned fault. I got this bill in the mail, set in on top of a pile of papers that seems to always be on my desk, and totally forgot about it. I’m old and my memory is … shot. So, should I tell my Provider that My Uncle in Texas died and I had to attend his funeral? Or that I think someone is going through our mailboxes? My Ex- died suddenly and took most of her family with her and I was too drunk from celebrating to even notice the rest of the world? Ooh, I know! I was waiting on a mountain top with the other Believers for Jesus to come sweeping down from Heaven in his Space Ship to pick us up. (Naw. Too Christian for today’s world. And I think I used it already.)

Wish I Were Here Today

Not much going on. Just doing my usual while SWMBO is off to the Genealogy Library. She says she’s going to take me to DQ for dinner and ice cream. Cool! Then we’ll probably make a quick run to WinCo for some more Sweet Tea (and whatever). Gotta stop by Home Depot and get a filter for the furnace vent too.

Getting warmer today and tomorrow. Supposed to be over 90 degrees in Seattle; which means around 100 degrees here at the house. Neato! This has been the best summer! I just flat out have not been wearing anything unless I have to go somewhere. (Which really surprised the UPS guy yesterday.)

Except everything is really way too dry around here. Even the black berries have been drying on the vine before they get fully ripe. Bummer! Had SWMBO pack a “bug out” bag of what she absolutely wants saved just in case there is a fire back in the Tahuya Forest. Which our place backs up against.

Then there’s that 8.0+ Earthquake we’re supposed to have sometime. Well, hopefully no falling trees will take out the Caravan so we’ll have a place to stay if the house does fall in. But I do have a couple of tents available even if the garage falls flat. Need to get a couple of 50-gallon drums for water though. Other than that we’re pretty much set up for disaster. (So he says!)


SWMBO did get home and take me out to dinner. DQ. Spent $80 at Lowe’s for some things and way too much at WinCo. We be home now. Played in X-Plane for awhile then MSFSX for awhile. About to hit the rack now. Maybe read a bit.

It was Yuma hot today. I enjoyed the Hell out of it. But you should have seen the WaRshingtonians melting!

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