If It Can Be Broken, I Will Break It!

Broke my Ubuntu Studio. Trying to fix it now. Will probably be offline a day or so. Or not. I just don’t know. Seems to be an invalid entry in the fstab file. Have been able to boot into recover/root mode but couldn’t remember how to edit that file. Looked it up and wrote it down!

Then there is still remembering how to edit a file in root mode at the command prompt. Haven’t used VI in ages! Hope there is an “Edit” I can use.

If nothing else I can always reinstall Ubuntu Studio without formatting the /Home directory. (But, oh shit, the rebuilding that would have to be done!!!)

Shrank the Windows 7 partition. Booted to Windows to check mail and look that stuff up. Did a bunch of checks and rebooted but came right up. So I know I can boot back into Windows 7 if I have to.


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