They Love Old/Flat Dr. Pepper

The Hornets. Left a half full can of Dr. Pepper outside a couple of days and, today, there were at least 30 Hornets flying into and out of that can. ??? So, I grabbed one of the yellow hornet-catcher thingies we bought several months ago, that haven’t caught one Hornet, and put some of the flat Dr. Pepper in the cup thing at the bottom. About an hour later there are 10+ Hornet’s trapped in the thing. Who knew! So I put flat Dr. Pepper in the other yellow Hornet-Capture things and we’ll see.


Not much else going on. Mythbuster’s Marathon. Watering. Picking ripe cherry tomato’s. Nice outside so I’m spending a lot of time outside. Laundry.

SWMBO got home from church and went into her room to study (she has to get a certain amount of CEU’s(?) every year), so I pulled her car into the driveway and washed it. It needed it! She probably won’t notice it until she’s on her way to work tomorrow. Cool!


I also cooked dinner: Fried Shrimp, Wild Rice (mix), and Baby Lima Beans. Yummy! It was good if I do say so myself.

As you can probably tell; spent a couple of hours in X-Plane 10. Used my Steam account and downloaded it to Linux. That took only 14 hours this time! Works Lots Better Than It Ever Did In Windows 7. I also found a screen/window video capture program called Kazam that works as good as Fraps in Windows. Cool!

MCARC 2-meter Sunday Evening Chat Net (the highly informal version) went well. Only had 3 check-ins at first. But wound up with 9 total. That was good. Everyone was scratchy to me, but I’m learning to live with it. NOT! Will probably move my antenna around, again, to see if I can get a better signal. The one repeater I really want to connect to …

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