Woke Up With A Sinus Headache

That slowly got worse until around 1500. Tried to become a migraine for awhile. Didn’t quite make it but still left me feeling “Blah” most of the day. So much so that I only briefly considered going to this year’s “Belfair Bites” downtown. I really just didn’t feel like it and I really wanted to go this year since I missed last year.

Picture I Took Going Into Seattle By Ferry

Other than that, just nothing going on. It’s lot’s cooler, cloudier, and windier outside today. Which is probably why I woke with a headache. SWMBO says she had some rain in Silverdale. Cool. Wish we’d get some over here. We really need it to rain a few days cause all the vegetation is drying out a bit too much. Got windy enough today for me to take down the Alpha Antenna and put it away. Kind of worried about my 2-meter antenna blowing over.

Did go for a walk around the back 40 and found a patch of black berries that are firm but sweet. Ate too many.

pc-aa1bLearning about “apt-get” in Linux. Nice way to install programs! Installed Flickr-Uploader and am trying it out. I’m sure collecting a lot of places online to store stuff! Dropbox, 2 Google+ accounts, 2 Outlook accounts, Flickr. An awful lot of my photo’s are duplicated “just in case.”

Well, Hey! We got some sprinkles. Cool. Heard the two guys that get out here every once in awhile and dogfight (really. Dogfight) out over the Tahuya Forest so I went out to watch them. It was sprinkling. We need it.

And that’s pretty much it again. Just “playing” in Linux and chillin’. Started playing with some of the pre-installed programs trying to figure out what to keep and what I’ll never use more than the one time. Looks like lots of those.

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