I Was Born Way Too Early

My phone is a HTC Droid something. About 6 or 7 years old. 8mp camera. About half the “stuff” installed doesn’t want to “update” and I don’t use the other half of the pre-installed crap. Been a great little phone but it may be time to get a new one. I get maybe 6 calls a month, and make maybe 3, so what other “stuff” the phone does, and the camera, are more important than the calls. To me.

Taken With My Present Phone

And I need a new camera to take decent pictures on trips we make. And when it comes to pictures, the more megapixels the better. As long as everything else about the camera works well. I’ve taken some pretty good pictures with my present phone; but wouldn’t mind taking some great pictures.

So, when I went to COSTCO today to get some more of those 60-watt LED bulbs I stopped by to look at new phones. Didn’t get one today, I like to check with SWMBO on medium-high purchase items, but I did find a likely candidate; something with a 21 megapixel camera. Which would do me just fine and I probably wouldn’t need to buy a separate camera for the type of photography I do. And it would be with me since I (try to) have my phone with me wherever I go.


So, I’m thinking of getting a new phone. Which is sort of a milestone for me. We only moved into the “cell phone” world about 8 or 9 years ago. Our first were Blackberry’s. My present phone is my second. (SWMBO is on her third already!) These things have land-lines beat all to Hell and we haven’t had one in over 8 years. (If you don’t count our DSL for Internet which has to have a physical land-line and a phone number. Which we’ve never used as a phone even though I supposed we could.)

Taken With My Present Phone

Sun was out and it was almost warm enough to go out without a coat. Almost. Did take the Dog for a walk and just sort of took our time about it. Installed a bunch of new LED bulbs upstairs. Have enough to do the basement when I get the urge. Pretty much SSDD chorewise.


Fish Sticks & Bakes for dinner cause I just felt lazy. I’m retired (and old) and can feel that way if I want. I think I had my weekly ration of beef what with having that (excellent) meatloaf the past couple of days. Thawing out a dog for chili dog tomorrow. Although I may have chicken. But right now chili dog and bakes sounds good. Especially with my home made chili.

I think “The Martian” & “Apollo 13” are my two most favorite movies of all time.

Jigglers! That’s what they’re called. Had some. Good. Orange, you know.

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