Only Wednesday or Wednesday Already?

You remember those burrito’s you got on the Roach Coach? Crispy, golden-brown, outsides. Piping hot inside from sitting too long under the heat lamp. One wasn’t enough and two were too many. I recreated that for lunch today. They was good!


Not a whiole lot going on today. As usual. The usual chores out of the way. Kitchen rugs are in the wash. Took the Dog for a walk. Made a run into town to the DOT to renew the Caravan tags. Stopped by my bank. Post Office to mail a letter.

Figured out how to play video’s on my truck MyLink system. Convert the video to 480p .mp4 and it works just fine. Bumped the audio up to 192 and the sound system handles it just fine. Sounds great! Wish I had that sound system in my house! Video plays pretty good. Need to figure out a way to HUD it onto the windshield. Only when parked, of course.


Decided I’d better clean the fridge. I’d never seen “puffy” sauerkraut before! Took about an hour and I got rid of things that’d been hanging around in there for more than a year. SWMBO keeps stuff “just in case” and forgets all about things expiring. But the spilled jello was the worst. All that took about an hour.


Made peanut butter cookies. Cause I could. You know, if I looked good in a mini-maid’s outfit I’d make someone a pretty good wife!

MCARC Wednesday 2-meter Chat Net went well. Eleven check-ins! Cool

Anywho, that’s about it for tonight.

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