Busy Old Guy! Stand Aside!

Yesterday I put together a cinder block “form” where we want the new parking place for the Caravan. Had to go to ACE for some more stakes. Stopped by the gravel place and ordered 2 yards of 1.5” rocks (3 tons!) and arranged for that to be delivered later in the day. Which they did; and it wasn’t near enough to do what I want without buying some more. (Wanted a larger rock base for drainage during the wet season around here.)

2016-06-03 12.25.03

The dump guy followed my directions for dumping the rock; and I completely messed it up thinking it (the rocks) would take up a lot more volume than 3 tons do. Which means I now have two piles of rocks that I need to move. Probably by hand. (Well, shovel.) Which I started doing but determined that I’M TOO FUCKING OLD (should be a way to make that flash!) to do much of that shit!!! I’m going to arrange for 5-6 tons of smaller rocks and rent a digger for a day.

2016-06-03 16.04.25

Momma didn’t raise no stupid.

Needless to say, (but I will anyway), I went to bed really tired and sore (oh, so sore) last night but didn’t have any trouble falling asleep.

Walk04bToday was “date day” and it couldn’t have been better as far as company goes. Took SWMBO to Red Robin’s (cause she likes it) where she had the mushroom burger and I had the worst chili-burger I’ve ever had in my life. The “chili” was some kind of tasteless meat-sauce. And there were only 4 or 5 little chopped onion bits on the thing; so I didn’t even have the tangyness of onion to get me through. I couldn’t finish it. (And I said so in the survey that menu/bill thingie on the table asked me to fill out.)

Spent some money at Home Depot, made our usual stop at Safeway, and now we be home just relaxing. (Dang! Forgot milk.)

Oh, yeah. It was 90+ degrees here today (and almost as hot yesterday), so, what do I do on a hot day? I get out on the mower and take down all the tall grass I missed last time and the trail we have for walking around the propery. That’s what I do on hot days around here. (Not to mention the Dog and I taking off all  our clothes, grabbing the pruners, and walking the path to clip anything enroaching too far.)

Maybe Momma did raise a stupid.

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