Just A Regular Thursday.

Throw01aThrow02aToday was a day pretty much like every other day around here. Finishing up the canning of my chili. The usual chores. It was sunny just enough to take the Dog for a walk. And then it went back to being sometimes sunny. (Pretty normal for Western WaRshington.)

Was watching an old video I have of a “Hollie Reunion” and captured a pretty nice shot of my Mom. Made a .gif out of it and uploaded it to FB; where it didn’t move. ??? I’m really getting tired of FB.

Am uploading some more of my pictures to my Google Drive. I figure since I’m paying for 100 Gig I might as well use it. Taking forever though. Wish we had cable here instead of this DSL. Up/Downloads take a long time here.


Last time we went to Cash-N-Carry we bought a case of V8 Juice. The Spicy V8 Juice (by accident). But, I’m finding that I like it. My stomach won’t after awhile; but it tastes pretty good.

Made an actual “dump run” today. (And NOT the kind from the pantry in the back of the garage to the bathroom!) Only cost $10 to empty both our cans. (Should be less, but, there is no way the County is going to lower their prices. Still WAY cheaper than having someone pick it up!)

Anywho, that’s really all about my day. SWMBO is home. No Nets tonight. Medication taken. Chores done for the day. Think I’ll go lay down and read a bit.

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