Never Had To Pee So Much In My Life!

I need to get online and research my meds a bit, but, something my Doc gave me is making me pee a lot. I pee before bed. Read an hour or so then get up and pee again. And the last 3-4 nights I’ve had to get up every couple of hours to pee again. That ain’t normal for me. Usually I’m good from second pee until morning. So, now, not only do I not get a good night’s sleep cause I wake up to readjust that damned cpap, I wake up to go pee too. I’d kill for a good night’s sleep!

bad5aBad5bNot a whole lot going on. Yet. It’s just coming up on shower-time. Then breakfast. Then I think I’ll start my batch of chili.

Spent some time updating the site. Decided to just get rid of my Navy Career stuff; no one is really interested or cares. I only keep it in case I decide to get rid of this site for some reason. Like going broke. Trying to convince SWMBO to use her gmail account more also for that same reason.

Spent most of the day making chili and getting it to taste how I like my chili. Close. Very Close. Doing my usual chores and stuff around the house between times.


The Monday night EOC Net out of Olalla and the NMARESC Net both went well. Lots of wind and it does affect the incoming signals. But it works. That’s good.

So, SWMBO should be home shortly and I think I’m just gonna chill for the rest of the evening. Then go climb into that damned uncomfortable bed. (I hate that thing! Cannot get comfortable in it at all. I miss my waterbed.)

Hmmm. Just got an e-mail forwarded from the 1and1 folks (where I host my site). Someone on GoDaddy is offering $1000 for my domain name. Not interested in selling.

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