What A Crappy Day! Literally!

sd07aaAside from sleeping in until 0800 (0800! Like I’m fookin’ Retired), and “coming down” with something that has it impossible for me to get more than 18 steps away from the bathroom (sure hope it ain’t my new batch of chili!), it’s raining fairly well and windy outside. Joy.

Started gathering all the “stuff” I need to can my chili, and found only 25 pint jars (small mouth) and NO lids. No lids; figures. And I can’t go to Safeway for fear of having to hose out the inside of my truck when I get back. Damn. So I messaged SWMBO and she’s going to pick some up on her way home tonight.

Wanted to make a dump run too. Not.


Nope. Shouldn’t use that word right now. May set something off. And “dump run” is evocative …

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