Another Regular Every-Day Friday.

Had SteamWriter recording some ChillTrax from the Internet, AND had a movie on YouTube running with the sound off (Journey To The Edge Of The Universe, I think) and got busy doing things around the house. The Next time I looked a the screen ChillTrax was still playing (or I’d have checked on it) but the movie had ended and Fashion something was on YouTube. Which was okay with me; I like girls showing their underwear. But, what was weird was, nomatter what played on ChillTrax, the models were in step with the music. Cool!

Not a whole lot happening around here. Straightening up the inside of the house. Making another stew (just cause I like my stew and had the makings). Made a trip to Safeway for some things. No mail today cause it’s Veteran’s Day. (Doesn’t feel like a Holiday to me. I’m doing pretty much what I always do).

SWMBO got home late last night cause she went to her class. We sat in my room, watched a couple of trailers (Doctor Strange & Logan look like they’ll be good!), and just sat talking about Dogs and stuff until almost midnight. Was nice. She’s still my most favorite person I ever met.

Anywho, got busy trying to add the network printer (on the NAS) to print from my computer. Ugh! Still can’t connect to the damn thing! Starting to piss me off!

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