Well, Kind Of A Busy Day

NewDesiree-01282Sincie I got out and weed-whacked pretty much everything that needed to be weed-whacked. Then mowed the back yard. Took the Dog for a walk. Bunch of other “little things” around the house.

Started a pot of chili for dinner. We’ll see how that turns out. (Pretty good, actually. Needed some corn bread though.

Really nice outside when the clouds part and let a bit of sunshine through. Almost warm! Can’t believe it’s already half-way through June. Wx Sucks!

Herc14For some strange reason, I ordered olddocking.us yesterday. So, for $10/yr I have another web site I can play with. Wonder what I’ll do with it? (I honestly don’t have a clue right now. Just felt like I should get it.)

Been noticing lately that the day after taking my meds (I take them just before bed usually) I feel weak and crappy. Missed my meds Sunday & Monday and felt pretty good Tuesday. Wonder if I need them anymore. (The Meds.)

Wathced “Batman-vs-Superman” last night. What The HELL Was That All About?

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