One Of The Coolest Things I’ve Ever Seen

Tried getting some sleep sunday evening, but managed only about 1.5 hours, so I could get up at 0000, SSS, and leave for Oregon at 0100. Pretty much worked out. Except for the sleep part.

My Renter & his son joined me for the trip to see the Eclipse 2017. Really only ran into a bit of traffic the last 58 miles or so; from the Oregon border to where we stopped by the John Day River somewhere way south of Condon, Or. Got there around 0830 (I think) so had plenty of time to watch the whole thing.

I’ve tried 3 times now to describe the eclipse, and can’t. I really only can add it to the (short) list of really outstandingly wonderful neat things I’ve seen in my life. Tried to catch it in video but that really doesn’t do justive to it. Nice, for sure, but really doesn’t describe actually looking at a big black hole in the sky where the Sun was a moment ago. How dark it got all around us.

Wow! Just Fuckin’ Wow! Worth the drive. Worth 2 of those drives. Worth even not having any (I mean Any) cell signal. Even Onstar was offline.)

Ride home was okay until we hit I-5 North. Spent longer there than the trip from Oregon to I-5. At one point we sat still for over 20 minutes. It sucked! But it was, of course, everyone else that had driven to Oregon to watch the Eclipse. But, if they’d just learn how to MERGE traffic wouldn’t be nearly as crappy as it was.


But, finally got home around 1900. Was so tired that I was in bed by 2030 and I don’t remember a thing until 0500 this morning. Unusual for me to sleep through the night. Nice though.

Had a great trip. Appreciate my Renter and his son coming along (hope I wasn’t too boring for them.) He even got to drive my truck (but I promised not to tell his girlfriend.) For me, the only thing that would have made it way better was if SWMBO could have come along. (She had to work though.)

Today has really been kind of a lazy summer day. Really nice outside. Naked day! Gardening and stuff. Will still fall asleep if I sit in one place too long. Guess I haven’t “caught up” yet.

Me and the Dog found one of the big blue jay’s torn to pieces out on the trail. Wonder what got to it. Big bird though. At least, he was once. Nature.

Well, my Schweetie is home and fed and we’ve made the Garden tour. Think I’ll go lay down. Turns out I didn’t use my c-pap last night. Hmmm…

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