Just Welcome To 2018

Being OLD I was in bed by 2200 last night; and last looked at the clock at 2315. Next thing I know it’s morning (0515!) and I gotta pee. But I fell back to sleep until 0700 and REALLY had to pee!! Damn, I hate being Old.


Today was a mostly normal Monday except SWMBO got to stay home. Nice! She and her future Daughter-in-law have been sequestered in her sewing room doing quilting stuff all day. Her Son has been glued to the tv in the living room while playing some game on his laptop. He sprung for pizza’s for dinner1 That was nice.

Me. More of the usual walking the dog and getting my chores done. Made a run to Walmaart and bought a “Passport” 4TB drive for my Father-In-Law and a Vizio 43” tv/monitor for my room. (It was ON SALE!) Got it because I’m either going to build a new computer to put just X-Plane on, or I’m going to buy a new computer just to put X-Plane on and I wanted/needed a monitor a bit bigger than I have. I think this is going to work just fine.

Hooked it up and got everything set when I got home (of course). I like it. It’s Huge! But it fits perfectly in the spot where the older monitor was, so, that works. Watched “The Martian” from the NAS (through the PI2) and then “The Great Wall” from the blue ray and I do like the picture. HD but not UHD. We’ll save UHD for the living room.


Anywho, the world around here has been about as SSDD as it can get. Even had 20 hours of fairly heavy rain a few days ago. Digging out the drainage must have worked cause my back yard hasn’t flooded yet. Nice. My driveway is soaked cause all the ice melted so there’s a LOT of mud. Need to buy new gravel. Soon.

Just not a lot going on. Been a nice New Years Day. Hopefully this’ll last a few months.

Damn, Im looking forward to summer. Summer. SUMMER!

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