Another Month In Paradise

I know. I know! A couple of months without updating (a blog that really no one reads) is a bit much; even for me. I’ve been busy. Really really busy.

Of course, we returned to our Renter having abandonded us (Thanks, Terra Lynn Burk!) so I’ve been busy in the MILA getting rid of the rest of her stuff and cleaning up. Completely tore out the bath (I mean everything OUT!). Slowly getting it rebuilt.

We found a nice, almost new, walk in shower pan for $15 at the Bremerton Habitat. Got a new valve and handle stuff for the shoer. I paid a plumber $250 to move the water valve up to shower level and install the shower pan. Money well spent!

So I’ve been installing th hardiboard (cement board) and building a new soffet (that’ll double as towel/whatever storage). and whatever else needs to be done.

And still doing all my regular stuff around the house. Finally got off my fat, old, lazy ass and moved things around in the basement and did a long delayed cleaning up. That took almost a week of “spare” time!

Since SWMBO isn’t working (except for her college classes to be a Genealogist) we’ve kind of gone into short rations mode. Not spending nearly as much in our weekly trips to the store. Going to cheaper plasces for dinner on Date Day. WinCo foolds getting a lot of our business. Habitat for Humanity gets a lot of our business too.

SWMBO got a bunch of ceramic tile and trowels at Habitat the other day and swears she’s going to tile the MILA shower and bathroom. With her being busy with her classes though I can imagine I’m going to be learning a new skill.

Also gathering all the info I need to take Terra to Small Claims Court but I have to do it in the County she lives in. I think that puts an unfair burdon on the aggrieved party; but what do I know. I’m going to start everything Dec 1st just so she can have a great Christmas worrying about it. (Yeah, I’m still upset.)

Honestly, I’ve just been working around the house or suffering through headaches since we got back. Had 2 or 3 really bad headaches a week so far. There are times I know I’ve gone into another migraine only because my head aches instead of hurts. And I’ve gone through the prodrome without getting a headache also. Weird.

I’ll tell y’all all about the crap Peninsula Credit Union tried to put me through today some other time. They lost a loyal customer today.

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