Election 2020–End Of The Republic

I really believe that. The America that I grew up in has been dead a long time; but now the Country as a whole has gone Socialistic. I guess more people want “free stuff” then Freedom.

Well, y’all got it. Already reading headlines how Biden is going to do a lot of executive orders his first day in office to undo everything President Trump did. More power to y’all. Pretty bad when “Orange Man Bad” is more important than “What’s Good For The People?” Which is where the Democrats have been for the past 4 years. Dipshits.

So, I’m not going to obsess about it anymore. Y’all got what y’all want so I’m going to hunker down and survive the next 4 years. Don’t want to hear any complaints though. From either party. Democrats/Liberals voted these dipshits in, Democrats should have no complaints. Republicans let it happen so they have no complaints either in my book.

I will resist where I can though.

Was “doing stuff” on my computer the other morning when I started hearing a “grinding” noise. Thought it was the ice machine in the fridge since my office is the old Formal Dining Room. (Which we don’t need since we aren’t Formal Dining Room kind of people.) Wasn’t that.

Turned out to be the power supply in my computer. The fan would speed up, grind to a halt, speed up, grind to a halt. Uh, oh. We know what that means. I’ve seen power supply’s just die and never work again. I’ve seen power supply’s go out with a puff of smoke. I’ve seen power supply’s go out and take motherboard and everything with it. So I turned my computer off. Bummer!

Pulled a power supply out of a case I have in the basement and changed it out. 0545 and I’m changing power supply’s around! That’s dedication. But, it didn’t work either!

Pulled the drives out and attached them to the computer I’m switching to, but couldn’t get them to be recognized. Can’t just install them cause the “new” computer is  a small form factor and there’s just no room for another drive. So I put my old one back together and nursed the power supply through letting me copy everything off to a backup drive. Only took two days.

But, I’m back up and running. Now I just have to figure out a way to make my blu-ray drive into an external drive. Hmmm…

Took a couple of chicken breasts. Added salt and pepper and a slice of bacon to the tops. Let it bake for 45 minutes in the cast iron skillet at 300 degree’s with about 5 minutes of broiling at the end. SWMBO said it was a keeper

Today I’m trying two pork chops with salt, pepper, lemon juice (fresh squeezed!) and a dollop of mild salsa  All baked for about 40 minutes at 300 degrees in the cast iron skillet.  We’ll see how that works out. Luckily McDonalds is only 5 minutes away …

It was ok. Shouldn’t have used the salsa.

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