Nother Sunday Of Rain & Wind

It’s almost like we live in Western WaRshington or somethin’! It is WET out there! High winds warning 1200-1800 (or so). Sometimes the rain looks like really thick raindrops or really thin snow. (Which could happen later tonight. Snow.) Ah, well. Just staying inside getting things done.

Made a chicken breast the way I like it then sliced it into lunch meat for the week. Took the 40+ keys I had hanging on the garage wall and actually found 3 that would open something. Put the rest in a plastic bag and stuck it into a drawer of my tool box. Moved some more stuff into the new RV. Swept and actually picked up the pile instead of just sweeping it into a corner and thinking I’ll pick it up later. Crushed cans. Lots of little jobs.

Making Fried Chicken, mashed, & pseudo-succotash for dinner. One of these days I’ll make some lovely young lady a great wife. (Read that how you may.)

I see where the Biden Admin is begging for government volunteers to help at the border. But it still isn’t a crisis. Sent off an e-mail asking for pictures before I made up my mind to volunteer or not. I expect both to be headlined on the “Do Not Fly Or Allow To Cross State Lines” list AND for black SUV’s to show up in my driveway.

And WHY does anyone still listen to Fauci? This guys got his head so far up his ass he’ll never see daylight again. I have 20 years Navy Medicine and have more medical knowledge in my foreskin than Fauci has in his whole body. Dipshidiot.

Hate being stuck inside. Dog and I did still go for our walk. We do that no matter the Wx everyday right about 0900. I’m especially religious about it since a neighbor told me not to walk down “his” street cause it upsets his dog. Like I’d do anything someone half my age (if that) tells me to do. Unless we’re sleeping together. Which we’re not. Not my type. Monday I’m going to go down “his” street twice a day. Hell, I’ve been doing this particular walk almost 11 years and 2 dogs.

Took the Dog for a tour of the back 40. We lost another tree to the wind. Looks like it was pretty rotten in any case. Glad it came down when there was no one (meaning ME (and the Dog)) around to get clobbered by the thing.

Bored. Making Banana Nut & Blueberry muffins. Not mixed. Three of each. Although that doesn’t sound too bad. I may try that some day.

Got my meds doled out into their little daily compartments so I know which to take when. I hate getting old.

Oh, forgot I still have Redneck Mormon up and running. (See what I mean about getting old!) I used to post my political rants there all the time but kind of fell out of the habit (as it were). Maybe I ought to take it up again. (Not that anything I posted was Earth shattering or anything. At least I’m a vocal conservative.)

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