Just Had To Have

Biscuits and gravy for breakfast. Sure, I had “biscuits and gravy” at FHP the other day, but, their gravy was the most “bland enough for the masses guaranteed not to offend anyone” gravy I’ve ever had. So I felt like a real, proper, gravy with lots of pepper and sausage crumbles (since I don’t have any “real” sausage available today). Topped off with an egg, over easy.

I went back for a 2nd biscuit.

I grew up on this stuff. Biscuits and gravy. Fried Chicken. (Us kids got only the thighs and legs (and backs and necks)). Collard/Turnip greens. Beans and cornbread. Chili and cornbread. Cornbread and milk. And all the sun-perch or catfish and crawdads you could catch. What folks used to call “soul food” back in the 70’s (do they still call it that?) we called “Eat it or go hungry” when I was a kid. Kids today need to learn that shit.

Sometimes my upbringing catches up with me.

Which is why I’m patriotic as fuck sometimes. Ok, well. All the time. In the beginning it was part of what I was taught growing up. Turned into something I learned and understood in my adult life. Serving during two wars didn’t change my mind either. So, yeah, saluting the flag and biscuits and gravy go together.

SWMBO and I got new phones yesterday. She got a Galaxy S21 (I believe. I don’t pay attention sometimes) and I got the Galaxy A42. Seems nice. Great graphics. Fun playing with the 4 (Four!) cameras. Spent about 2 hours getting it set up with the programs (apps) I’ve used forever and trying out a couple of new apps. This thing actually let me uninstall some of the bloatware crap that comes with all phones. Of course, even though I’m “buying” this phone it still doesn’t belong to me and Android, Google, and Samsung can do what they please with it without letting me know. Which sucks.

Then I spent a couple of hours setting SWMBO’s phone up and making sure she can get to what she’s been used to using. Had to change a couple of her passwords so I finally set up a section of keepassx with just her passwords and stuff in it. I can’t remember all these passwords and logins. Keep losing the paper I write it down on.

And this phone is physically larger than the last. The case I got for it does stick to the magnet on my dash, but doesn’t have a belt clip thingie. Ah, I keep breaking those anyway.

Out working on my mounts for the solar panels. Need more bolts. Lots more bolts.

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