Almost SSDD Around Here. Still.

My phone battery finally went TU, or mostly TU, and keeps shutting down after only a couple of hours up time. So we went to COSTCO to get a new one. (Phone. Not battery.) They didn’t have the Galaxy A42 though so we wound up back at the local Verizon store and put one on order.
SWMBO also got a sim card for her tablet so she can use it while we’re on the road without having to make a hot spot out of our phones or whatever. AND she got herself a new phone “just because.” (Well, I don’t know about the “just because” part. But the decision was real quick. Or so it seemed.)
So, we walked out owing *only* $50/mo more than when we walked in. Good thing we’re on that “55+” program! Still, I hear $150/mo for unlimited data for two phones and two tablets ain’t bad. And they’re (the phones) are 5g with 4g over 5g. Whatever the hell that means. So everything should be faster. Supposedly. (Oh, sorry. Supposably.)
This Droid Maxx2 lasted about 5 years. Not bad. If the battery had been replaceable it’d be lasting another 5 years. Or until it just wouldn’t take any more updates; which happened to my last phone. Unable to apply Updates. What a crock.
Got out and built the solar panel brackets and attached my solar panel to it. Ordered another from Amazon. Solar panel. Not bracket. Nevermind.
Anywho, I’m thinking of making some much better directions for putting this thing together. The directions that came with it SUCK. Lot of trial and error but finally got it done. Will “test mount” the new solar panel to be sure it works then disassemble most of it to get it into place. Hardest part will be working up off the ground by myself. Now to pick up the supplies to make my own brackets to mount my old solar panels back by my neighbors from hell. Then run a long wire or two.
If I’m remembering right: hook them up serial to get more volts. Parallel for more amps. And I need the amps to cover the 200 ft distance. But I’ll try different things to get the best results.
The spendy parts will be the batteries. Even lead-acid batteries aren’t cheap. LifePo4 cost more but last longer. More cycles. And 6 volt batteries cost more than 12v probably because they are more efficient. Well, let me get the panels set up and we’ll go from there.
About to buy my friends Yaesu 991. Not the 991a I want but pretty good for $500. My 857d needs to go to the shop and get refurb’d and tuned up. Her finals checked. Been going strong, at home and in the field, for 11 years now. She needs a rest before I mount her in the RV.
I see Biden threatened to send his goons door-to-door to get people vaccinated. Pity the poor fool that knocks on my door and asks personal confidential information. I’ve got over 3 acres and know where to rent a digger.

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