Jul 05

I Will Not Say SSDD Sunday! I Won’t.

But, it was. Glad to say. Nice, Hot, Sunny Day. I spent a lot of time outside. SWMBO and I shared making dinner; I grilled Pork Ribs and she made everything else. (Cauliflower & some baked beans.) And she made me some cheesecake in ice cream cone thingies that were good too.


Just not a lot going on; which is how Sunday should be. Been flying around in MSFSX. Helo’s don’t do barrel rolls very well. Kinda Sorta listening to Neil DeGrasse Tyson lecturing on My Favorite Universe (a course I got from The Learning Company). Getting my regular Sunday chores done.


Friends came over and took the rhubarb plants (and that fake lettuce: kale). If the Dog hadn’t barked at them driving up they’d have found me naked. Call First if you’re coming over! Usually if you just show up you get what you get.

MCARC 2-meter Sunday Evening Chat Net went well. Even had a new check-in from Brown’s Point! Cool! Lot’s of complaints about the Heat lately.


And that really is about it. Pretty normal Sunday around here. Finally starting to cool off some. SWMBO is downstairs with the Sister Missionaries. I’m going to just chill and read a bit before bedtime. Gotta make a trip to Fife and Traffic Court tomorrow.

Jul 04

My My My. What A Warm Day!

And I am just loving it! But, even I had to get in my wheelbarrow/pool for a few this afternoon. That felt great and the breeze was nice and cool when I got out of it. The Wheelbarrow/pool. Not the breeze. I enjoyed the breeze. Nevermind.

Wish I had this in my backyard!

SWMBO took me to the Church 4th of July breakfast. Had a short Flag ceremony and then eggs (scrambled), sausage (burnt), and one pancake. One pancake is about all I can stand. It was all pretty good though. Was already getting hot out by the time we left. (SWMBO had to leave for the Genealogy Library.)

Wish I had this in my backyard!

So, I’ve just been messing around the house. Watered some of the front lawn. Picked my first batch of peas for the year! That was cool. Took a walk around the back 40. (Dog said “Fook it. I ain’t going.”) Washed my truck inside and out. (Looks nice! That’ll end the first time we go anywhere. Sometimes living down a dirt road is kind of a pain in the ass.)

My Schweetie got home from the Library and dragged me to the church to help her clean. Her assignment: Blackboards and bathrooms. So I cleaned the bathrooms. Of course. Nice working with her though. Just spending time together. Neat-O.

Then she took me to the All-You-Can-Eat Chinese place in Port Orchard where I stuffed myself on one plate of mostly chicken & mushrooms of different types. Had a crawdad. Had my usual cup of chocolate ice cream. She damned near had to roll me to the truck.


Stopped by Wal-Mart to see if they had one of those universal radio mounting brackets; they didn’t. Instead we got a small dish drainer for the Caravan and a couple of karabiners. Made our usual stop at Safeway (got out of there cheap this week!) and home.

It’s still rather hot out so she’s “taking a rest.” I took off all my clothes and went for a walk. I like the heat. Picked some more peas that I missed earlier and watered the garden. Yummy stuff: fresh peas!


Hope all y’all had a fun, safe, July 4th!

Jul 03

What A Gloriously Hot Day!

I dragged that Tent Trailer over to the new owners house in Shelton, then SWMBO took me to MacDonald’s because I was getting “Hangry.” There was a little blond girl, probably 2 years old, playing in the play area that reminded me of my oldest daughter at that age. And then I remembered that that was 40 freakin’ years ago! Damn, I feel old sometimes.

But SWMBO cheered me up some. She reminded me that people that joined the Navy the day I retired have themselves been retired a couple of years now. Thanks, Woman. Why don’t you just twist that knife a little bit so it won’t hurt as much!


So I went and bought a new radio. Well, not new, but new to me. W7FBI had a IC-208H for sale so I went over to his place, made sure it worked, and bought it. I already have it hooked up in the truck but not permanently mounted yet. Still working the location for that out. The only place I found a mounting bracket for it wants $28 and shipping. Right now the only good mounting place would be in the little “change” drawer thingie next to my right knee. I could remote head it except I really don’t like a lot of wires running all over the place.


It “da-dinks” several repeaters in the area but haven’t heard anyone on-air yet. Think I’m going to re-do the antenna to how it was on my last truck. (In the middle of the toolbox top towards the front of the toolbox so it could still open without the antenna hitting the cab.)

I always wonder if I got my money’s worth, or just out right cheated, when I buy stuff. I paid $175 for this radio with the separation cable and extended mic cable. Looking around online, I’ve seen this same radio for $250-$850. So, since it seems to work just fine, I guess I should be happy.


Not much else going on. Hot day, for WaRshington. Way too much traffic on the highways and byways. Was really nice to spend time with SWMBO. Even if part of that time was in the Allyn Yarn Shop. Where I also got some ideas for that rock wall we want to build from their guy building a rock wall. Supposed to be even hotter tomorrow.

So my wheelbarrow/pool is already filled.

Jul 02

Really! I’m Not Kidding. I *NEED* To Be Rich!

Y’all think I’m kidding; but I’m not. Unfortunately, I’m one of those people that feels my financial worth is tied to the amount of money I have. (Whereas a Liberal figures their financial worth by how much money you have.) Being a Retired Navy Corpsman, and just plain retired, and getting only my Navy Retirement & Social Security (BOTH of which I worked for BTW. Benefit my ass!), I never seem to have enough. Money.


Tried starting one of those “crowd sourcing” things, “Let’s Make OldDocKing Filthy Fookin’ Rich,” but it never really took off. Can’t understand why not. Could it have been the site motto “Give OldDocKing The Lifestyle You Always Wanted!”? Ah, well. Kickstarter is next I imagine.

Which in and of itself is kinda funny. When I was a kid, kickstarter was what Dad did to our asses if we didn’t move fast enough for him. I really think because of Dad, and his free use of making us stand in the corner, grounding us, and using his belt on our backsides when he saw the need, I now suffer from a crippling disease called “Respect For Other People & Property.”  And I still hold doors for those of the Female Gender. (And pretty much anyone coming up behind me really.) I’ve made several Psychiatrist’ careers.


But we won’t get into that. For now.

Not much going on around here. Supposed to be 90+ degrees today so people, for the most part, are hunkering down in their air conditioned hovels and not moving around much. Except me, of course. Holiday traffic is going to be a real BITCH around the area later; what with people sweating in their cars in the lousy traffic we usually have around here made worse by everyone trying to get out of town for the holiday weekend. Civilization will one day die in a traffic jam. His sister, Courtesy, has already fallen ill.

TV Land Can Kiss My Ass!

Found some frozen Shrimp (in the freezer of all places) slowly going bad and thought I’d better use it. Once I cleaned them up (de-shelled them), threw them in a skillet with some butter, garlic, chopped onions, and chopped celery until they were bright reddish. Poured in a jar of that alfredo stuff SWMBO likes, made angel hair spaghetti, and dinner was served. Oh, peas too. I’m not much into pasta but it wasn’t bad if I do say so myself.

Went and watered the garden. I got peas ready to pick! Mater plants are matering. Bell Pepper plants hardly change; but at least they’re still there. Yes, They’re in Their planter over There.

And that’s pretty much it. Picked SWMBO up and we’re home. I’m playing with some of the video files my new dashcam recorded and kinda, sorta, watching 2001: A Space Odyssey but am about to go lay down and read. A Book; not Tumblr.