Jan 21

CNN Hiring A “Misinformation” Team Is Like Hiring Bill Cosby To Watch Your Girlfriend. Charles Manson To Babysit. Joe Biden To BE A President.

But don’t get me started.

This is an actual study: Research shows granddaughters and great-granddaughters of men who start to smoke before puberty have more body fat than expected.

We could be spending money to install geothermal/solar/hydrogen systems on every house/apt in America (for less than repairing the wires that criss-cross our country), but, we spend money on the “blame game.” And instead of blaming the “fat” people, we blame their Grandfathers. And I’d be willing to bet that somewhere deep down in the ‘report’ it’s ONLY the White Grandfathers.

Yep. That’s America.

BTW, now that M&M’s are joining the “woke” crowd (as announced recently), how much y’all looking forward to the first “openly gay” M&M character (amid much fanfare)? The first “Identifies As A Raisin” character? Fuckin’ Dipshidiots. Next they’ll be claiming the “nut” part of “peanut” is racist and too “mancentric.” I guess M&M’s won’t be contributing to my weight problem anymore.

Marvin “Meat Loaf” Aday passed away last night. I know he was 74 and had lots of medical issues, but, still, Bummer. How many of us have NOT gyrated around the house to “Bat Out Of Hell” 1 & 2 and, specifically, I’d Do Anything for Love (But I Won’t Do That)? Dude, thanks for the music! You finally found a place to get all revved up and GO.

Date Day! SWMBO is taking me to Red Robin and COSTCO! (With a short stop at the Post Office.) Except for not liking driving after dark these days (Old Eyes) I’d be looking for a little of that “Paradise By The Dashboard Light” with my schweetie.

Sun came out yesterday and stayed out for longer than usual. Was fookin’ weird.

Jan 19

In A World Of Democrat Liberal Pansy Ass-Wipes – BE The Elephant!

So, we hit something. Ship took a terrible beating. Doc’s stuck to the wall by a 2 inch pipe sticking through him and into the good Earthian (is that a word?) steel that makes said internal wall. The Captain’s breathing vacuum through the simple method of his head being stuck through a hole in the external bulkhead that his body has effectively plugged (so we’re only slowly losing our atmosphere). At least, for some crazy reason, I’m hoping that his head is sticking out into space and not, you know, squished flat. But we are losing air so there is a hole.

I’m still woozy from hitting the control panel with my noggin in the initial collision and I think I’m missing a hand. Just not sure which one right now.

And the damned gravity is down. No, that’s not correct. The Gravity is not working; otherwise there’d definitely be a down. Right now there’s no up or down or even sideways that I can tell. Luckily, aft is still aft and that’s the direction I need to go.

Taking a last look around at the Bridge, I can tell it, and we, are well and truly fucked. The only command and control to ever come out of this room again is whether I let loose my bowels or not. I’m probably only barely in control of that. Let’s not add to our problems.

I really should spray some deck sealant around the Captain where his head exits the ship. Might help. Couldn’t hurt. We always thought he was a bit stuck up but I’d rather not make that literal if I can help it.

My nose itches but I don’t want to reach up to scratch it and finalize which one is missing. Or not. Both wrists hurt and I’m wondering: wouldn’t a missing hand hurt worse? Or would it not hurt at all since it’d be missing?

Either way, I don’t want to make it a done deal. Ain’t real until I finally look.

Gonna have to look though. And soon. IF one of them is missing I’m probably bleeding. Could make me too light-headed to save myself. I mean since Doc is stuck to the wall like a bug on a pin and all he ain’t gonna be much help. So, look. Look, damn it!

Where was I and why is the toe half of a shoe floating away like that? Wait. Looks familiar. Hmm.

Dear Diary, You’ll never guess what happened on my 3-day tour routine trip to supply the scientific team on Charron. Everything was hunky-Dorey until we came out of hyper and WHAM, worst day of my life!

(Y’all are welcome to add to the story in the comments. Try to keep it to several paragraphs though and let’s see where this goes. If anywhere…)

I love that elephant.

Jan 18

Really Thinking Of Changing My Name To “Fookin’ Arshole” Just To See The Look On People’s Faces

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When someone has to call out loud for me. Fookin’ Arshole, table for one. Order for Fookin’ Arshole is up! Looking for Fookin’ Arshole; anyone seen him?

Ooooo, Fookin’ Buttwipe would be another one. Sounds too much like “Joe Biden” though and folks would get us mixed up. #LGBFJB

Hi, I’m Fookin’ Arshole. This is my brother Fookin’ Buttwipe and over there is my sister Fookin’ Slutpants. Naw, our parents probably didn’t love us much.

At my age though, I’ll probably get to change my name to Mr. KingDidYouShitYourPantsAgain? at the Nursing home.


It’s been so wet around here lately that the freakin’ asphalt squishes when you walk on it. The back 40 is still soaked and it’s easy to get wet to the knees lumbering all this fat around and making splashes as I stomp along the path. Actually saw two drowned moles.

Power went out last night for an hour or two just after I went to bed. Had just dozed off when my cpap quit working. Wasn’t stormy. Wasn’t windy. Power just disappeared. But when SWMBO checked her phone for the time I knew it wasn’t an EMP so managed to sleep a bit. Otherwise I’d have been up all night trying to figure out how to blow up the Tacoma Narrows Bridges.

Date Day! SWMBO is taking me to the FPH after the Dog and I go for our walk. Cool!

AND that all was a couple of days ago. Got busy and forgot to finish and post. Old Guy.

Joined a site and had to set up those “forgot who the hell I am” questions.

1) What is your maternal Grandmother’s first name? Grandma

2) What was the first name of the best man at your wedding? Stan

Well, each is true.

Installed and playing with KVM-QEMU-Virt-Manager and having a blast. Not sure which virtualization program I “like” the best so far (out of VMWare, VirtualBox, and Virt-Manager) but Virt-Manager seems to be the easiest. Not really. VMWare is just as easy. QEMU is built into Linux natively though.

The DOS 6.2/Windows 3.1 VMWare VM’s I made years ago all converted to Virt-Manager format and run just fine. Even the OS/2 Warp 3&4 VM’s. But the Windows XP and Windows 7 VM’s don’t. So I had to make new one’s in Virt-Manager. All Fun!

What in the H E double L do I use the virtual machines for? Playing. Refreshing old skills. Playing. Learning new skills “just in case.” And playing.

And that’s really about it. I lead a very mundane life.