Fairly Normal Wednesday…

Got out to the property about 1100. Brian (our son) met me there and we spent a good hour trying to get the ends of the pipe over that connector thingie. ALMOST got it. I’m not sure we had the pipe warm enough before I ran out of propane. Damn! So we spent a couple of hours re-digging part of the trench so I could run the cable and phone lines and bury them. Hooked my backhoe to the dozer for when we move it to the house Sunday.
Was a damn fine day out there! Didn’t rain on us once and the sun even came out long enough to warm it up enough for us to take our coats off. Course, we probably would have taken them off anyway cause we got plenty warm enough working!
Went to the 1915 showing of “300”. Cool movie! The sound and music was Wow. The visuals was Wow Wow. And, yes, even though I knew they were all going to die I still hated to see them die. Seems anyone with Honor and Valor dies….


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