When I Say There’s Not

Much going on, I mean it. This has been one of the slowest weeks I’ve ever lived! I think the weather changing to cold has had something to do with it. Been raining a bit.

Matt, a friend of mine, and I went up to the property last Tuesday and cut up some wood for him.

SWMBO and her brother, Robert, went to Seattle and walked around today. I met them at the Panda Palance or something and we had Mongolian for dinner. Was good. They were tired so we didn’t make out usual stop at Albertson’s tonight. We did walk through the Fred Meyers and I bought a DVD of Dirty Jobs. Kind of listening to/watching it now. Cool show.

Been ’playing’ "Lock On"; a jet simulator. So far I’ve crashed a dozen times. Have shot down a lot of enemy planes too. Think I’ll continue that now…

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