Ain’t Been Doin’ Nuttin’.

Cept hanging around the house. Did get out to the property for the usual last Tuesday. Was a beautiful day! Wednesday was a pretty normal day what with SWMBO heading in to work and me trying to finish things up around the house. Today SWMBO and I got out and mowed & trimmed the lawn. I like doing things with her!

Spent most of last evening going through my MP3 Working directory and finally editing the mp3’s I’ve recorded from the Internet radio stations. I’ll record 5 or 6 hours straight usually then eventually edit it into 15 minutes tracks for a cd to play in the truck. Discovered something called "Chill". Nice. Mellow. Heard a song called "Underground" by the Sneaker Pimps (at least that’s what the song bar said) that I really liked. Can you believe I would listen to something by someone called the Sneaker Pimps!?

We’ve redesigned our house. Trying to centralize all the plumbing and such for economy reasons. I like the new design better than the old one…

Did see a couple of (F-22?) Raptors fly over our house at about 500 feet today. Too Cool! Think I’ll go to the Air Show at McChord AFB Saturday…

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