Just Another Normal Saturday…

Which means: Just Not Much Going On Around Here!

Got a lot cooler and Much windier today. Dog and I had to worry about falling branches during our couple of walks. Tried to take a video of one of our trees really bending back and forth in the wind. You should have seen my one long-wire antenna dipping down about 6 feet or so.


Did take the movies back to Blockbuster (The last two twinkly Vampire movies and Taken) and stopped by Papa Murphy’s for a Taco pizza. It was good. Not as good as regular pizza; but good. Probably won’t get it again though.


Add to that my usual dishes and re-ripping all the Resident Evil movies and it really hasn’t been a very busy day at all. I know! I should have gotten downstairs and worked on putting the walls up for the room, but I didn’t feel like it. So there.

Think I’ll just vegg out for the rest of the evening. I’m not going to even watch the News tonight.

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