What A Nice Weather Day!

Darn near 70 degree’s out there! (My thermometer read almost 80 but I think it was exaggerating! It is seldom right on.) So, the dog and I made a couple of walks and SWMBO even joined us on one. (Which are the best walks to me!)

Naw, I don't know who they are. Cute though!

Other than that just spent some time straightening up all those pictures I’ve scanned over the past year or so. Trying to put several different “scan sessions” into one big pile (as it were). Checking to make sure I have all the pictures.

Assignment Earth - STTOS - How 70's Looking!!

Running Xampp for a local webserver to make sure everything works before uploading the different albums to my server (or another server). Works great!

MCARC Chat Net went well. Not as many check-ins but it’s a nice day out and I wouldn’t expect them. One of the guys asked me some computer questions after then net (he lost his bookmarks) so I turned him on to XMarks. Nice little extension for Firefox/MSIE that’s saved my bookmark butt several times.


And that is about it for tonight. Still working on those photo’s.

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