Nice Wx Day Again. I Love 80+ Degrees!

Got outside a bit more today; watering the plants, going for walks, just sitting outside when I could cause it was so nice. I’m loving it! Now if only the heat could just flat out cook the damned mosquito’s! Towards evening they get really noticeable. Aarrgh!


SWMBO and I went to Ace Hardware around noon to pick up the mail box I ordered last week. Stopped by the bank and the Safeway gas station. Installed the mailbox when we got back to the house.

Then we wound up going back to Ace this evening to get some screw-in hook thingies to hang the 4’x8’ plastic lattice she got for her honeysuckle plant to grow on. I’m just hoping it doesn’t try taking over the house! (The Honeysuckle plant, not the lattice.)

Blackberry’s are getting ripe! Been sampling them on our walks and they should start getting ripe over the next couple of days. We could have thunderstorms over the next couple of days so I don’t know how that’ll effect them. Shouldn’t do any harm but may slow them down a bit. Ah well. I’ll pick all I can when it’s time. SWMBO makes great blackberry muffins.

Just not much else going on. Made fried Shrimp & Veggies for dinner. SWMBO made rice pilaf. Dinner was good! (I love seafood!) (One look at my belly and you’d swear I was on a see-food diet!)

Wait. I’m having a premonition. Ice something. Wait…. Cream? Ice Cream. Sounds good to me!

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