SSDD Ad Nauseum…

Which means I had my usual day. Trimmed some pork chops out of that huge hunk of meat SWMBO got. (Looks like fresh BBQ Chops for dinner!) They’re sucker-bagged and in the freezer. Dishes. Laundry. Watered the plants & garden. Went for a walk or two.

I Want To Go There!!

Great Wx for walking the “back 40!” Got up to 95 degrees or so yesterday and should be in the high 80’s today. Too Cool!

Finally got off my lazy old ass and swept the garage. Got everything ready for a dump run for when SWMBO gets back from her foray into the wild city. Need to stop by Ace Hardware and see if my new mailbox is in.

Ordered a little 144/440 mag mount antenna to put on SWMBO’s car for our trip. Looking for a bracket that’ll hold my radio without drilling a lot of holes in her console or dash. Left a question about whether this antenna would work with my Yaesu 857d and got a lot of answers telling me to use it for 2-meter/440 only. Well, Duh! Smile But I do appreciate all the answers I got. No one could tell me the max watts on this though. Can I use the full 50 watts on 2-meter? Probably should have asked that question. (So I went back and changed the question.)

You know, that rig I made up to mount my 6BTV antenna on the truck worked out just great. Wonder how I can mount it to SWMBO’s car?…

Worked Great! Lit Up The World On 20-meters PSK31.

Dump run went okay. Quick; it’s only a mile away.

Pork Chops were delicious!

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