Right Up Front I Have To Say…

ANYONE that believes the NObama didn’t know about, or approve of, NSA spying on foreign leaders lives in a fantasy world beyond belief. He knows. He knew. It’s been done since “Country’s” evolved; he just got caught. The more I hear of our Government and what it does the more I’m hoping that somebody takes this asshole out. Please! The race riots really can’t be any worse than what this guy has planned for us. Wish I had the means (and charisma) to get another Revolution started…

2013-10-28 12.26.38

Other than that: been a pretty regular day. Made my runs early and picked up mail as I usually do. Still working on the kitchen. Gotta figure out what I’m going to do with the (now) “extra” wires. I’m thinking of turning the power off, cutting, capping and sealing them in the new header. I really need to re-do the switch though so it controls the lights in the kitchen instead of my room. I don’t need two light switches in my room (even if it was the Formal Dining Room). But we do need to control the kitchen lights from either entrance.

Playing with a program called “Sigil” and trying to type my life’s story in epub format. I’m old though and have too many things to remember! Oh, I can recall LOTS of things; but getting them into any sort of order is going to be the bitch. We lived so many places with one parent or the other when I was a kid. Lots of duty stations during 20 years in the Navy. Lots has happened since I retired from the military. How the hell does anyone put all that into coherent order? So I’m trying to break it down to “eras.”


Not much else going on. The pictures tonight show’s some of the wind damage from last nights wind “storm.” SWMBO said there were branches down all over the place during her travels. It did get kind of windy. Lights flickered some so I got the gas lanterns out, lit some candles, and just sorta got ready in case the power failed. It didn’t. But it doesn’t hurt to be ready.

Have to reinforce these for next summer!

And that’s about it. Just wasting time till it’s time to pick SWMBO up tonight. Trying to watch the news online but it’s frozen again. Wish we had decent internet access here!

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