Post-Thanksgiving Friday

Pretty normal except a friend gave me his old 52” (console?) TV; so our son and I drove half way to Shelton to pick it up and bring it back. Seems to work ok. Picture isn’t on par with the new TV’s but it was free.


Took SWMBO and our son to DQ for their $5 lunch, then to Safeway for some things we needed, then stopped by Blockbuster to see if they had any Doctor Who discs for sale. They didn’t.

And now we’re back home doing what we do. Which ain’t much. Fairly cold outside and I don’t feel like getting out in it. Supposed to be a chance of snow (lowland snow) this Sunday night into Monday morning. We’ll see.


Got off my lazy old fat ass and moved my computer to under the countertop and the big tv/monitor set up as the 2nd monitor.I seem to have more room. Once I get my new countertop that goes all the way to the wall (you’d have to see it) then I should have plenty of room for my radio stuff at that end. Then I’ll have the other countertop for working on computers/radios/whatever. Cool! It’s coming together.

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