Wow. Thursday. Again.

Weather is really crappy so we didn’t get out at all. Started sprinkling about 1300, with occasional bouts of actual rain, and pretty much hasn’t let up since.

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SWMBO decided this would be a good day to make applesauce. She doing the actual making of and I will be canning it when she’s finished. Good thing it takes just the water-bath canning process to do. I don’t pressure-can unless I have to!

Other than that just not much going on. Still rebuilding Windows 7 on my desktop and trying to remember all the programs I use. There are lots I had installed that I just don’t use anymore so I’m leaving them off. Windows installed 194 updates today; probably with more to come. That took only 3 hours or so.

Decided to to do the actual canning tonight. It got too late before SWMBO was finished with the first part (rendering). Now I have something to do tomorrow! (Aside from gathering all the MCARC financial information and putting it into a report and printing 3 or 4 copies for the meeting Saturday!)

On The Way To Shelton, Wa

Still working on getting all the pictures I’ve scanned into one place for organization. Phew. Thousands of pictures!

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