Reasonably “Normal” Sunday.

Watched a few “Train” video’s before sending them off to my Father-In-Law. Sun came out so me and the Dog went for a walk. Felt nice.

Moved the Travel Trailer to a different spot and got it set up so some of the weight is off the wheels. Almost nice out there! As a matter of fact, it was so nice, when the sun was not behind a cloud, that I sat out and just relaxed for awhile. I was all bundled up but the sun sure felt nice on my bare face. We could use a lot more days like that!

14 - 1

Wx report says there is the possibility of snow flurries over the next few days. Better than rain! Oops. Just checked and it’s changed. Possible snow flurries tonight and just plain ass cold the rest of the week. Oh, Joy!

Moved my old desktop (the new radio computer) to underneath the counter-top I use as a computer/radio desk and made sure everything works. And it is working fine. Been connected to the radio all day. Even got Easypal to working and received a few pictures from (WB0UNB) the guys “out East.” It seems to be working exceptionally well actually!

SWMBO made Chicken Propicosh(?) for dinner and it was good. Very good. She has a Choir practice tonight so we had to eat a bit early. That’s okay by me as long as we eat together.

MCARC 2-meter Chat Net @ 1930. (Went rather well.)

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