Nothing Going On Here…

But there was a KOMO4 News Helo crash in Seattle @ 0740 (or so) this morning. Feel bad for the two that died, the other that was injured, but the News Weenies have gone bug-fuck nuts trying to comment everything to death. And their “eye witnesses!” I don’t know. Maybe I spent too much time working in the Emergency Medical field to get overly excited/bummed. And since SWMBO would have still been on the ferry at that time I wasn’t worried for her.

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Don’t get me wrong; I think we need News. It’s the Speculation, Repetition and Description Of The Obvious that gets to me. What was it the one Reporter said? “We don’t know how much of the victim’s body was burned. 20, 30,40 percent, we just don’t know.” He should have stopped at the end of the first sentence. The rest is just for the “OMG” factor. And how many different ways can they ask the same question?

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Didn’t post yesterday cause it was so boring I almost fell asleep on myself! Still too wet but the Dog and I did manage a walk around the property. Picked SWMBO up at the usual time. Went to bed at the usual time. Got to sleep without too much noise from the Renters. Got up at my usual time to start it all over again.

That’s pretty much it. Made a trip to the Post Office to mail off the MCARC Insurance payment. Stopped at Safeway for sugar. Picked up mail on the way home.

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Made my usual trip to pick SWMBO up and we’re home safe. Rained a bit on the way back. She had us stop at Safeway also; needed bread & ham and a couple of other thing. I don’t mind stopping though. I get to hold her hand while we walk.

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