Another Normal Day! Still.

Just my “normal” routine today. Man, this being “retired” stuff is great. Yeah, great. Just great. Did move some things downstairs and got reminded that I really need to get off my ass and clean/straighten up the basement. Started raining this afternoon so we didn’t get out for a walk. Put in a mile on the treadmill.


Been watching for the Renters to come and finish moving their stuff. It’s 1630 and still no sign of them. Went down and took a look at what they have left. What a mess! Their packing and moving is as bad as everything else they do. Or don’t do actually.

Did call PUD3 and ask about the overdue bill. It stays with them and not the MILA. That’s good. The girl I was talking to asked the last name it was under. Told her who it was. She said “Ah, Sara.” in a chagrined tone of voice. It’s pretty bad that the Renters have made themselves known to office personnel that well. But, hey, we can rent the MILA out to someone else without worrying they’ll have to pay some huge bill before they can get power back.

Rain came down so hard while I was on the way to pick SWMBO up, that I had to slow to 45 mph and I could occasionally still feel the front wheels slipping. I’d bet you couldn’t see 50 feet ahead! Reminded me of the edge of the tornado we got caught in last summer. No wind or hail or lightning, but it rained harder I think. Wow. I’d never seen the like up here.


But we got home safe. SWMBO is off eating dinner and I’m about to get ready to go lay down and read. Renters still haven’t showed up. I’m really tempted to go down and pack their shit for them tomorrow. (But that would probably get me in trouble.)

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