Finally Friday!

Been a fairly normal Friday, if I do say so myself. The usual chores. The usual procrastination. More of The Usual than I usually have around here.


Partially sunny all day so me and the Dog did get out for a walk or two. Helped the Renter put some of the heavy stuff into their truck.

And that kind of pissed me off too. She has sat on her ass and refused to load anything in to that truck; kind of forcing Him to do it all. After keeping him up all night arguing and fighting. He really does look beat.


He says to me “We fight all night. We hate each other.’ I told him I didn’t have any sympathy for him because he chooses to stay in that relationship when he has the power just to walk away. And as long as he chooses to stay then he deserves what he gets. She certainly isn’t going to change.


Not much else going on around here; for a Friday or any other day. The Renters have finally departed for the day. Don’t know if/when they’ll be back. Kinda Sorta Hope Not. But that would mean that I’d have to clean the MILA. Which may almost be worth it to not ever see them again. Except he still has my good jumper cables in his car…

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