Excessive Heat Warning Today!

Cause it’s going to get up to around 90 degrees in the greater Seattle area. What a bunch of weather weenies! Now is the time to get nude and get outside, People! Do some gardening. Play in the sprinkler. Enjoy it while we got it because, all too soon, it won’t get light until 0900 or so and will get dark about 1600 every damned day.


Well, if it gets too hot I can always work in the basement. Which I’ve been avoiding cause SWMBO’s Son’s Shit is still in the way and I get pissed every time I see it. I’m so damned sick of being ignored by him. (I’ve told him 3 times over the past 6 months to move his shit and pile it neatly along the other wall. It still ain’t done. I’m getting to the point where I’m ready to chuck it all out into the back yard. Which would make me the bad guy. So unreasonable.)

I Need A Pool!

Dropped the Dog off for his annual haircut this morning. That meant that when I took off all my clothes and went for a walk I was on my own. So I took the clippers with me and spent an hour trimming back some of the overgrowth on the trail. Blackberry bushes are particularly hard to do when you’re naked! Ya gotta be really careful! Got a good sweat going though.


Been kinda sorta watching some shows on Yellowstone. Man, I need a HD camera!

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