Just Seemed Boring Today…

And I really couldn’t tell you why. Didn’t really do anything except go for walks around the “back 40,” weed the garden, and let SWMBO make sloppy Joe’s & fries for dinner. Other than that I haven’t accomplished a thing today.


Did get to lay out for awhile. Was nice and sunny and hot out there. Getting myself that hot makes my heart beat “funny” though. So I wound up coming inside a bit more often that I really wanted to. I think I’ll be glad when we find out what the hell is going on with my heart.


Nicest part of the day was that I haven’t had clothes on even once. I just love days like that! Wish I lived somewhere you didn’t have to put clothes on for anything or to go anywhere. Maybe my own South Seas Island? That would be cool!


The MCARC 2-meter chat net went well. Had only 5 check-ins, but, hey, we had 5 check-ins. AC7YX gave a good report on last Field Day and their QRP station.

And that’s pretty much it. Like I said: Not much happening around here.

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