Yeah, Kind Of A Boring Day

SWMBO had to take the truck to the Genealogy Library since her son has her car and is off somewhere. That means I was pretty much “stuck” at home. So I did my usual chores and damned little else. Not because I was here by myself, but because I just didn’t feel like doing much. Almost felt tired all day.

Lou Ferrigno on "Star Trek Continues"

The Direct TV guy came out to install for the Renters; but he couldn’t get a good site on the satellites so he didn’t install. Bummer! That means that if I wanted Direct TV I couldn’t get it either. Not that I would want Direct TV until they let you order, and pay for just, the channels you want.


Tried a ‘new” solution “Guaranteed” to kill weeds. Mix 1 gallon vinegar, 2 cups Epsom salts and 1/4 cup of the original Dawn (Blue) and spray on weeds. Sprayed it kind of thick too. Weeds look greener where I sprayed it. Well, Round-Up works but is pretty spendy.

I'm Sure They Didn't Mean It To Sound That Way!

Not much else going on. Played MSFX awhile but got bored. Started watching some of the things I’ve downloaded but nothing is really holding my attention. Bored, kind of. Tired of sitting around but can’t really afford to go anyplace. Was thinking of going to Walmart and buying a new joy-stick but I’m trying to save a bit of money for a new camera.


But mostly I just feel like I could go to bed and sleep for a year or so.

So I took my Schweetie to DQ for a root beer float.

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