Hey! We Actually Had Some Rain!

Either late last night or really early this morning. It was wet out when I got up. Not that I look forward to rainy days, I don’t, but we really need some rain right now. Whatever it takes to somewhat mitigate the fire danger around here. Heard several reports of fire on 2-meters today. Brush fires mostly. Which can quickly get out of control. Just ask everyone that can’t get through on Highway 90 right now.


Not much else going on today. It was cloudy (and seemed to be threatening rain) so I got out and started emptying dirt out of the tires in the garden and stacking them up against the cement wall behind the house. Kind of getting them out of the way for when I rent a digger and start moving dirt. Probably the beginning of next month.


Other than that it has been one of the most SSDD’s that I’ve ever had the pleasure to experience. Well, I did get out and clean up the pantry some. That was a chore! Put all the plastics in bags to take to the dump tomorrow. (That’s a trip I really should make a  bit more often.) So, even though I still need to straighten up the shelves (well, what’s on the shelves) you can at least walk through the thing without killing yourself. No signs of rodents or bad bugs seen either. Cool!

fsx 2014-11-14 21-01-06-14

Damn, I seem to do a lot of physical things for an old guy!

MCARC 10-meter Tuesday Chat Net went okay, I guess. Only had time to check in and talk a little bit cause SWMBO was trying to tell me the news about her Mom (back in the hospital with chest pains and shortness of breath). Decided I ought to pay a bit more attention to her than the Net. Which is as it should be when an important person in your life tries to tell you something important to them.


And that really is pretty much it. Almost bedtime for this old guy. Think I’ll listen in to the real time lightning map for a moment, do my daily before I hit the rack routine, grab my book, and go lay down.

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