What A Nice Date!

Saturday “Date Night” with SWMBO was as enjoyable today as it always is. She took me to Red Lobster, and that was good, but her company is better. What can I say? Twenty-nine years this month and I’m still “in love” with her. And I like her too!


Not a whole lot going on around here. Really wet outside. Driving around is kind of a pain in the butt cause most WaRshingtonians forget how to drive when the roads get the slightest bit wet. So ya gotta keep your eyes open even more than usual.

One of my friends, that just got his Ham Radio “ticket,” came over for awhile around noon so I could check out his little hand-held radio for him. Nice radio. Set it to our Repeater and programmed it in to memory channel 1 but decided that he needed to read the manual and play with the thing to really learn it. I could have programmed the whole thing; but he wouldn’t learn anything.


Pretty much SSDD after he left until SWMBO got home. She picked her car up from the repair place so she’s back to driving that. She liked the Prius GEICO rented for her and is thinking of getting a hybrid when it’s time to trade her car in. Cool.


Anyway, we walked the mall after eating and made our usual stop by Safeway on the way home. It’s time to just relax.

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