Sick As A Dog For Three Days Now

Although I don’t really know how sick a Dog can get, I’ve done my best to match it these past 3 days. Sunday: Sore throat, weakness, voice really low, nausea, fever and chills throughout the day. Monday: Slept most of the day. (Probably 10 hours in fits.) Bouts with the heating pad to get warm again! Today: feel much better but still fever & chills and weak like crazy. Almost didn’t make our walk(s) today. (Raining too.) Feel like I’m sitting in a room full of moisture. Lungs feel full but not coughing anything up.

Just getting Old I guess. No, caught something that kicked my ass because I’m old. That’s my story and I’m sticking too it.

Got all my Christmas shopping done last Saturday or before. Mentioned to SWMBO that I was planning to buy a slightly larger tv/monitor for my room (to replace a smaller one) to dedicate to X-Plane and wound up looking for a large tv to fit in the living room. She kind of took over my whole project and even planned on me putting a new computer in the living room to “play” X-Plane on the new tv/monitor. Don’t know how to tell her that’s not what I want to do; but I’m going to have to or wind up doing something that I really don’t want to do. If  you know what I mean.

She’s a lovely lady and I love her dearly; but sometimes she gets overly excited about how she thinks things should be done or being nice. And it was a nice offer to buy me a new bigger tv. Just not what I want to do.

We’ll work it out.

If I survive this cold kicking my ass, that is.

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