Another Year With My Lovely-Young-Bride. Woo Woo!

1986-12-20Thirty-One years with my Schweetie. Thirty-One! Wow! How in the World did I get so lucky? However, she is still the Love of My Life, Light of My Eyeballs, Best Friend, and great Travel Companion. I’d be lost without her.

I think I’m starting to get over this bout of sick. Except for my nose trying to drip, run, goosh all over the place I don’t feel too bad. Weak so the Dog and I made our walk a lot slower than normal. But at least we got out for our walks.

Nothing else going on. Been laid up, so, nothing going on. Much like my normal daily routine, nothing going on. There’d be something going on if there weren’t absolutely nothing going on.

Whoo, thought I felt better but am finding out different. Not good to get woozy while making one’s dinner.

Changed the “grit” in the tumbler to the 2nd stage grit. Stones looked a bit smoother but how can I really tell when they’re all wet? Anywho, Stage 2 is begun!

It’s early but I’m going to bed.

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