Does No One Else See The Irony?

That the US Post Office will sell you insurance on any item you ship via USPS against the chance that they lose of damage it. I mean, isn’t that like McDonalds selling you insurance that the burger you eat is well done and won’t make  you sick? And doesn’t it say even more about the integrity of the USPS that they won’t take responsibility for the items you PAY to have them get from one place to another in a timely/safe manner?


What if your babysitter offered insurance that she wouldn’t bend, break , or mutilate your kids while they were in their care? Hookers need to start selling insurance against catching an STD from them.

What brought this on is that I finally mailed my 857d off to the yaesu folks in Southern California. It’ll be there in 3 days. Had to insure my $800 radio “just in case.” Which didn’t cost much but just seems wrong for some reason. But, it’s off and hopefully it’ll be an easy fix. And inexpensive fix. A Cheap Fix would do.

And that pretty much sums up my day. Went for some walks. Climbed on the roof to take down the rest of my multi-band fan dipole. Gardening. Burned trash when it started to sprinkle a bit.


Got to pick SWMBO up; cause it’s Friday and that’s what we do on Friday. She had me go through McDonald’s on the way home. Even got the Dog a burger. I got a medium vanilla shake. Should have gotten a small vanilla shake.

She also had me spit into this test tube thingie for the Ancestry DNA testing. That’ll be interesting. Even if I do test out as being a member of the Human race, will I actually have “family” out there somewhere? We’ll see in 3-5 weeks.

And that’s it. I’m feeling really tired and think I’ll go lay down. Maybe read a bit.

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