Absolutely The Worst Migraine …

I’ve ever had! Oh, I’ve had Migraine’s before, many times, almost every time the weather changes around here, but NONE like I had over the last 2 days. This one hurt so bad by 2200 last night I was pukeing everytime I tried to pee. Which was often. OMG. I have no idea what set this off, since I do watch my “triggers” rather closely but this one beat them all for sheer Fuck! Could have been the future weather changes coming plus I took my bp meds.


Otherwise, not a whole lot going on around here. SWMBO and I had a nice date day last Friday. I couldn’t do anything Saturday but she did the Genealogy Library as usual.

We still haven’t got a bunch done in the MILA. Haven’t felt like it. Physically. Neither of us. I’ve kinda sorta masked some of the things I don’t want to paint but still need to get on that flooring. Wouldn’t take but a couple of hours if we’d get down there and DO it; but haven’t. I hate winter. Winter!

aaabOtherwise, life as usual around here. DID make ice cream tonight. Tried to put 2 drops of blue food coloring in it and IT LOOKS LIKE BLUE FOOD COLORING APOCALYPSE in there! I even managed to get some of it on the whites when I switched them from the washer to the dryer. (Just my underwear, thank goodness!) Don’t ask me how cause I did try to be careful.

Anywho, I’m jsut checking in and not making much sense or being very logicalfor this post. My brain is still bruised from this last migraine. My legs feel “wobbly” and I’ll probably go to bed early tonight. If I’m lucky.

I’ll try to do a better job next time. (And, hopefully, that will be a bit sooner than I have been posting!)

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