Friday. Date Day! My Favorite!

SWMBO took me to the all-you-can-eat Chinese food place in Port Orchard. Panda Inn? I had the “all you can eat” plate with a lot of different types of cooked chicken and fried rice. Was good, but I always pay too much for the amount I eat. Like having the selection though.

Spent too much at Walmart. Again. Also stopped by the Dollar Store and bought 25 stack-able bins for the shelves I’ll be building in the garage this next week. At $1 each they’re pretty good plastic stack-able bins. Bright green or red or blue though.

At least, I think I’ll be building some new shelves. Field Day is in a couple of weeks and I may be busy getting things ready for that. Fun!

Put the flooring in the MILA on Craig’s List for free. Meaning no cost for the flooring not that it was free to list it on Craig’s List. Which it was but not what I meant. Nevermind. ANYWAY, a guy and his son came over and they had it all up within a couple of hours. Flooring padding everything not nailed down. Cool! One less thing I have to do or worry about.

In the planning stages of moving my wood shop into the garage. Already have SWMBO parking outside. Where it’s raining today. Trying not to hurry. Not that I’ll get it “perfect” the first time, but I can minimize the number of “redo’s” later. I hope. Thinking of using some of the cabinets I just took out of the MILA (almost put “for storage” but what else does one use cabinets for?) Need to pick up a couple more sheets of 1/2″ plywood.

I was sprinkling pretty good (really not quite a rain) so I got to burn trash. Then put together a stand/holder/shelf thingie to hold my radio and signalink and battery that I can sit my laptop on top of for field day. And if you followed (and understood) all that then you are a Ham. Get down and take your test.

Oh, my new 100w solar panel got here yesterday. I un-packaged it and turned it to the sun and measured 28.2 volts across the output. Nice! My older solar panels put out 14.8 or so on a good sunny day. This new one was $128 (I thinkin’) so I may get one or two more a month for awhile. Need a better charge controller though. The one I have is a PWM; but I’ll have to double check that. Still, for field day I’m going to take a regular lead-acid battery and this LifePo4 Rechargeable Battery that, even though it measures only 6″x4″x3.75h” it does say 12.8v (just enough to run my 857d) for 16Ah or 204.8Wh. So, enough to experiment with. Eventually I’ll mount a couple of these new solar panels on the roof of the RV.

Maybe, once I get new solar panels up and running, I’ll “donate” my old solar panels to someone to “experiment” with. I’d be “out” only $60 and I’ve had these things 4 years or so. Learned a lot and got my money’s worth out of them.

Anywho, SWMBO will be off to the Genealogy Library tomorrow, and it’s supposed to be raining, so I’ll be working on my new Wood shop in the Old Garage. Because I can.

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